Saturday, February 14, 2004

Found this quiz by following a link from Miranda's site (BTW I don't need a boyfriend either.. go figure).... And as I am fond of saying I am NOT

I am just misunderstood!

I FINALLY got my Gates of Discord expansion 4 DAYS AFTER THE RELEASE DATE (lots of cursing in various languages).... however I have to wait to explore it as my daughter is on my lap trying to punch my keys.... I've had to backspace I don't know HOW often JUST to make this post....

Well it has FIANLLY happened... there is NOTHING sacred anymore! I mean I don't mind all the hype and the "Jump on the Atikin's bandwagon" but when they mess with my favorite food it makes me want to scream..... come ON folks... get a grip... diet 6 days and splurge 1... DON'T mess with my pizza!

And finally... to everyone out there a HAPPY HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Ok... let's talk PRE-ORDER.... I am a big fan of Everquest (see the link to the left and YES Miranda I put it there ALL BY MYSELF!) so there was a new expansion coming out... it had been hyped for MONTHS both in game and on the site... I did the pre-order for the game from EB Games...I chose the 2-7 business day delivery and sat back to wait for release date.... release date comes and only THEN do I get the email saying my order ha been shipped...a small note here... usually pre-orders get a special in-game item so it was with this... ok back to my rant...I was under theimpression that if I pre-ordered I would get MY items the SAME day that they hit the store shelves... however my order was shipped the day the item hit the shelves... AND on top of it all... the "special in-game item" was also available OFF THE SHELF! Well needless to say I was NOT happy and I pointed this out in an email to the company.... while I understand that THE COMPANY may not have had the item to ship BEFORE the day it hit shelves... I think that the company still has a responsibility to inform the customer that items order by anything other than overnight shipping will NOT be delivered on the release date....NO where on the website or order form does it say this... so in this it was the company's fault.... in the email they sent me they mentioned that pre-order customers benefit from the special in-game items... I pointed out that I could get the in-game item by buying it off the shelf and in this case the only benefit that I gained was a wait and that if the order HAD'T shipped already I would have cancelled it and bought it from another store....ok /rant off....

One other small item.... Everquest has a pop-up asking me to order the expansion... I have NO way of turning this off except by entering the registration code WHICH I won't get until my order is here....

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

So was it or wasn't it planned?
I was required to watch the commercials during the Superbowl for my Marketing class and all I have to say is between the fart joke and the ads for erectile dysfunction I think that the commercials were geared for the MALE populace... I mean come on... what about the FEMALES who watch the Superbowl... hmmmm? No ads for make-up or perfume nor ads for Avlamil.... oh well to be fair I guess that that is why women have the soaps...

Speaking of soaps... I am getting a VERY nice birthday gift from the soapnet... my favorite soap is going to be aired on soapnet in the evenings with a marathon on Sundays.... hooray!

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