Wednesday, February 01, 2006

::: time and again she wondered WHY... why had she REALLY been created... to destroy the Light? No... if Balance was to be maintained then to destry Light would be to destroy herself... however in this new land to which she had been called this land of Azeroth... the battle between Light and Darkness was far from balanced... it was time to call forth her warriors... to bring into beings those who whould serve the Balance....
mentally she took inventory of the items she would need for the calling... she was short a few items and would have to find them...
heaving a heavy sigh she prepared the spell that would carry her to Stormwind and the Mage Tower... as she spoke the ancient words and felt the enegry grow in her hands she failed to notice the pari of eyes that watched her from the shadow... as she faded from sight the body that the eyes belonged to stepped out into the light....and looking up to the sky spoke:::

"I will NOT fail this time. She has followed me here but I wear a different form. Lady Night WILL be destroyed and, with her, the Darkness!"

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